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Meredith Street Photo Upload

Use this form to upload photos on your computer to the gallery for all to see.

Step One:Please enter as much of the following information as you would like.
Please enter at least the "one line description" as it will be used to identify your photo.
One line description of picture:
Who or what is the picture of?:
When was the picture taken?:
Where was the picture taken?:
Please enter your name:
Step Two:Select the file you wish to upload by clicking the 'Browse' button.
Please make sure that the file you choose is in either the 'jpg' format or the 'gif' format (Macintosh users, please be sure to append the appropriate three character extension to your filenames).
Step Three:Enter the name of our street in the blank to the right (just the street name, not the word "Street" or "St." or anything else). This step is necesary to prevent SPAM.
Step Four:Upload your file by clicking the 'Upload' button.
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